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State 21-50 persons

Why do companies with a staff of 21-50 persons need occupational safety?

According to Ukrainian legislation You are obliged to appoint a person responsible for health and safety in Your company. This employee may be a separate staff unit or part-time employee.


This responsible employee must complete training and knowledge assessment on occupational safety and get certificate in a specialized training center.

How can we help You?

  • Create and implement OSH system in the shortest time
    We create and implement the necessary documentation, as well as an individual set of measures for each company, which covers issues of current legislation of Ukraine and the internal corporate culture of the company
  • Serve OSH system
    After setting OSH system, we take full responsibility for OSH system of your company in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Which advantages do You get working with us?

  • CONTINUITY OF SERVICES – our experts are interchangeable while on vacation, illness or other circumstances. You are always ready for an extraordinary situation or the arrival of inspectors.
  • EXPERTISE - you get expertise not of a separate individual, but expertise and knowledge of the entire company.
  • CORPORATE LIABILITY for the execution of the necessary events and preparing documentations in accordance with the law.

How much does our service work?

Our services cost less than paying for the employee in the state or even part-time employee calculate the cost of our services on occupational safety. 


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