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Health and Safety Documentation

Our experts eliminate the discrepancies or bring regulatory documentation for health and safety into compliance with the laws of Ukraine.

The list of OSH events:

  • Development of regulations on OSH system and implement its requirements into practice in compliance with the state standards of Ukraine and the recommendations of the State Committee of Ukraine for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision (Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine).
  • Creation of department and appointment of persons responsible for particular issues of occupational safety and reflection these duties in their job description.
  • Development of the necessary regulations on occupational safety within the company - orders, regulations, instructions and rules. Development, approval and implementation in compliance with established requirements.
  • Carrying out trainings and examinations of officials on occupational and fire safety.
  • Organization of the preliminaries, when applying for a job, and periodic medical examinations of persons who are engaged in dangerous work, as well as those who are under 21.
  • Assisting in the development of collective agreement between Employer and Employees. Creating paragraph "Occupational Safety" in it.
  • Organization of internal and public control over compliance of the legislation on occupational safety, institute of authorized by employees persons on occupational safety tasks.


This list of activities that should be solved in the company is not comprehensive.

Level and completeness of developing the required documentation, and maintenance of specific works on safety in compliance with the laws and regulations can be estimated during OSH audit, organization of which assigns to the employer (Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine "On Labour Protection ").

The list of events on Fire Safety:

  • the establishment of strict fire protection mode, compliance of it by executives, service personnel, employees and visitors;
  • order for appointment of persons responsible for fire safety for each area, building, construction, office, premises, network engineering;
  • setting of the procedure and the terms for firefighting instruction and training on fire safety, definition of the list of officials to be charged with carrying out this work;
  • providing the necessary means of firefighting, communication and alarm systems, visual agitation, safety signs, warning system in case of fire and keeping them constantly in proper condition;
  • providing modern operating and technical maintenance of fire protection systems in terms and amounts provided by the manufacturer's instructions and current regulations;
  • providing up to date implementation of fire safety measures prescribed by the Fire Safety Department.


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