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Health and Safety Audit

After OSH audit made by our experts, You will get a clear picture of the OSH system of Your company according to the Ukrainian legislation. You can find the legislative acts here.


Purposes of OSH Audit:

  • determine whether the measures for ensuring safety correspond laws and other normative legal acts containing state regulations on labor protection;
  • determine whether the OSH management system and its elements are relevant, adequate and effective for the implementation of the targets of the policy to ensure the safety and health of workers and preventing incidents.

Audit is performed in the following directions:

  • availability of the necessary documentation;
  • maintenance of work in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on occupational safety;
  • legal expertise on compliance with the laws of Ukraine.

The result of OSH Audit:

  • written report on the results of OSH audit with description of the identified discrepancies with legislation;
  • detailed recommendations for their removal.


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