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Environmental Safety

Our experts provide an Independent Audit of Environmental Safety at Ukrainian enterprises.

As a result of Environmental Safety Audit in Your company You receive:

  • eco nuevoreport on the compliance or non-compliance of the enterprise activity with existing regulatory requirements and the availability of the necessary documentation;
  • conclusion on the effectiveness of the existing Environmental Safety System ;
  • report on the environmental and economic effectiveness of the implemented measures;
  • gathering reliable information about the environmental aspects of production activities;
  • assessment of the impact of company activity on the condition of the environment;
  • estimation of efficiency, completeness and validity of measures that have been taken for Environmental Safety in the company;
  • recommendations and offers on updating of environmental policy, shaping priorities for the implementation of preventive measures for compliance environmental requirements, rules and regulations.

Recommendations of the audit will give an opportunity to correct the environmental policy of the company, as well as:

  • prior approval of environmental objectives and targets with specific financial performance and, thus, receiving guarantee that resources are directed to where their use is most effective;
  • economic benefits;
  • demonstrate to stakeholders, especially shareholders, the value of the proper management of the environmental safety system for organization;
  • improve the Environmental Safety System;
  • increase the investment attractiveness;
  • reduce the risks of penalties for environmental fees and charges, and damage to the environment;
  • reduce the financial risks connected with ownership of natural objects and results of operations;
  • improve the competitiveness of products.


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