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OSH Documentation

Which documentation do You have in Your company?

1. The Regulations:

  • On occupational safety department in the company;
  • On OSH management system;
  • On procedure of OSH trainings and examinations;
  • On procedure of medical examination of employees.

2. The Instructions:

  • On occupational safety by professions and types of works;
  • On fire safety measures in the company;
  • On electrical safety for non-electrical staff (I group of admission);
  • On emergency medical help to injured from industrial accidents.

3. The list of works with high risk.

4. Programs:

  • On induction training;
  • On safety trainings;
  • On induction, primary and repeated fire-fighting instructions;
  • Trainings for employees by professions.

5. Orders:

  • On approval of: The regulation on occupational safety; The regulation on procedure of OSH trainings and examinations; The list of OSH instructions; OSH instructions;
  • On the organization of technical supervision (safe exploitation of equipment and technological transport)
  • On creating of: commission on examination of occupational safety, electric safety knowledge, etc., commission on monitoring the condition and exploitation of buildings and facilities; constant commission on examination occupational safety knowledge;
  • On training and examination of occupational safety knowledge of employees;
  • On consolidating equipment, machines and tools under the employee;
  • On medical examinations;
  • On appointing responsible persons.

6. Journals:

  • Registering induction trainings on occupational safety;
  • Registering trainings on occupational safety on working place;
  • Registering instructions on occupational safety in the company;
  • Registering regulations on occupational safety in the company;
  • Registering persons, injured from accidents;
  • Registering persons, injured from non-industrial accidents;
  • Registering trainings on fire safety;
  • Registering knowledge examinations protocols.

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